Candibene cream 20 g -

Candibene cream 20 g


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Candibene cream is used to treat skin mycoses (mainly mycosis of the feet, skin and skin algae, supplemental treatment of nail mycosis), surface candidiasis and pityriasis versicolor in adults, adolescents and children from 2 years of age.

Detailed product information

Candibene antimycotic cream is used to treat skin infections (skin mycoses) caused by fungal fungi. These are mainly mycosis of the legs, skin and skin algae , surface yeast infections (skin candidiasis) and a disease called pytiriasis versicolor. It is also used as a complementary treatment for nail mycosis .

Mycosis of the legs, skin and skin algae and surface candidiasis (the most frequent occurrence in easy lighters) are manifested by redness, itching and peeling of the skin with an unpleasant odor , or painful cracks in the skin (mainly on the legs).

Mycosis of the nails is manifested by a change in shape, color and nail structure (gain, loss of gloss, deformation).


Adults, adolescents and children from 2 years of age apply the product 2-3 times a day in a thin layer to the affected areas (prior to application, the affected areas should be carefully washed and dried). To make Candibene cream a success, it is important to apply it regularly and for a long time. It is absolutely necessary to continue the treatment for 1-2 weeks after disappearance of the disease symptoms (prevention of the disease). If symptoms do not improve within 14 days or if it gets worse, you should consult a doctor. Without consulting a doctor, do not take the product for more than 4 weeks.


The active substance is clotrimazole 10 mg (1%) in 1 g cream.

The other ingredients are sorbitan stearate, polysorbate 60, cetyl palmitate, cetyl stearyl alcohol, octyl dodecanol, benzyl alcohol and purified water.

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