Canestest Test for Self Diagnosis of Vaginal Infections -

Canestest Test for Self Diagnosis of Vaginal Infections


  • $27.50

The Canestest test helps diagnose common vaginal infections in women with unusual vaginal symptoms.

Detailed product information

The Canestest Test is a medical device that is used to  self-examine common vaginal infections in women and to help reveal their cause and appropriate treatment. The test results indicate which infection is likely to be (yeast or bacterial infection).

  • Quick result with up to 90% accuracy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy evaluation.


The test is performed in a similar manner to the insertion of a normal swab. Unpack the pad, hold it by the green handle, and insert the yellow part into the vagina. Turn and remove the swab. After 10 seconds, check the tip of the swab to see if the color remains the same or has changed to blue or green. According to the results table, you can then determine the infection on the package. If you are pregnant consult your doctor.

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