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Glenmark Carbonic Calcium 0.5 - 50 tablets


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Carbonic Calcium 0.5 Tablets supplement the calcium level in the body when it is deficient or when it is in need, for example, during pregnancy or healing of fractures.

Detailed product information

Carbon dioxide 0.5 tbl. is a medicinal product containing calcium. It is also intended for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency (hypocalcaemia) due to its inadequate dietary intake or increased need.

0.5 Carbonic calcio tablets can be used in  pregnancy and during lactation , in the healing of fractures and elderly as preventing fractures (together with vitamin D) during long-term corticoid treatment, disorders of calcium metabolism in allergic diseases mainly caused due to a hereditary predisposition (e.g., atopic eczema), spasms, rash, bone softening (osteomalacia), bone loss (osteoporosis), allergic inflammation of the nasopharynx and various skin diseases (dermatoses). The product is suitable for adults, adolescents and children.


Adults use 2-4 tablets per day for preventive use, and the dose may be increased as recommended by the doctor. Children are given ½-1 tablets a day. Without consulting your doctor, taking the tablets for 7-10 days, then consult your doctor for further treatment.


The active substance is calcia carbonas 0.5 g in one tablet. The other ingredients are lactose monohydrate, wheat starch, gelatin, talc, magnesium stearate.


Serving calcium salts can lead to constipation and flatulence. Do not take any other preparations containing calcium or vitamin D without a doctor. 

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