Cerustop ear oil 10ml

Cerustop ear oil 10ml


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A product for cleaning the external auditory canal, dissolving hardened earwax and used as a preventive measure for general ear hygiene. For home use and for doctors to rinse ears and designed for hearing aid wearers.

The package contains 10 ml.

Medical Device.

Dosage and method of use

To clean the earlobes, drip a few drops on a cotton swab and wipe the earlobe with a few wipes to remove grease and dirt. Then wash them with a damp towel and dry. If possible, the oil should be at body temperature before use. To clean the external auditory canal, tilt your head slightly to the side, drip about half a dropper into your ear, and close the ear hole with a small piece of cotton wool to keep oil from coming out of your ear. Be careful, just insert the cotton wool lightly, never insert it into the ear canal! After 10 minutes of exposure, which is best spent lying down, rinse your ear with warm water or, even better, a spray. If the grease is very hardened, it is recommended to repeat the process.


The product contains caprylic acid triglycerides, liquid paraffin, isopropyl isostearate, almond oil, PEG-40-sorbitan peroleate, BHA / BHT, tocopheryl acetate.

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