Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream 100g -

Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream 100g


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Nourishing and moisturizing treatment, for dry and very dry skin.

Detailed product information

Nourishing and Hydrating Treatment, For Dry and Very Dry Skin

CEUMED BABY Cream is used to treat dry, extremely dry and cracked skin, to reduce skin dryness caused by atopic dermatid. Thanks to its unique content, it quickly ensures the balance of lipid and water loss in the skin.
  • due to the 50% lipid content and 20% glycerin content, it quickly compensates for water loss in the skin and makes it more hydrated
  • with glycerin and almond oil
  • does not contain fragrance or coloring matter
  • without parabens
  • to treat dry and very dry skin or to tend to atopic dermatitis
  • when treating steroids as a complementary treatment
  • between two treatments to maintain the condition
  • thin layer twice daily to the affected area
  • if necessary, it can be applied more often, however, maximum 6 times a day
100 g

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