Cicatridina vaginal suppositories 10x2 g -

Cicatridina vaginal suppositories 10x2 g


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Contains hyaluronic 

acid Hyaluronic acid is the cornerstone of the skin and mucous membranes and plays an essential role in wound healing at any stage. At sites of injury it facilitates cell renewal of the lining of the mucous membranes and thus speeds up the healing process. In addition, it creates optimal conditions for regeneration processes by binding water molecules to each other. 

CICATRIDINA® is a new non-hormonal preparation designed to accelerate healing and restoration of vaginal epithelium (mucous membranes, lining) after gynecological interventions and operations (conization, labia labia, etc.), after delivery, after cured inflammation or mycosis, and in the finding of ectopic cylindrical epithelium uterine.It is also used for itching or burning of the vagina due to damage or abrasion of the vaginal mucosa such as cycling, sexual intercourse, fungal or herpes virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2) infection, thinning of the mucosa after menopause, etc. In addition, Cicatridina® vaginal mucosa. 

Vaginal dryness during breastfeeding, when using low estrogen contraception, after transition, for treatment with LHRH analogues, painful sexual intercourse:
1 suppository daily 10–20 days, followed by 1 suppository 2-3 times a week continuously 

For removal of suppository remnants or other medications we recommend vaginal lavage once a week with AFLOVAG® 

Medical Device. CE 0373. 

Pack of
10 suppositories

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