Clinic way Eye Wrinkle Cream 1 ° + 2 ° 15 ml -

Clinic way Eye Wrinkle Cream 1 ° + 2 ° 15 ml

Clinic way

  • $49.50

HYALURON Smoothing protects against processes causing the appearance of mimic and elastic wrinkles by:

  • FGF1 LMS ™ Skin Recovery Reactivator with LIPO-SPHERE's unique transdermal delivery technology - suppresses the skin aging process by reactivating regenerative and self-renewal capabilities in three stages.
  • Hyaluronic acid - provides intensive skin hydration and creates natural protection on the skin surface, which significantly reduces the water evaporation process and protects against the effects of adverse external influences.
  • Plant Protein - reduce the harmful effects of UV rays by preventing the skin's supporting structure from dropping. They improve microcirculation, reducing dark circles and sacs under the eyes.
  • Aqua Calcis - lime water on the list of drugs due to its antiseptic and soothing properties and ability to reduce irritation. It provides safe and stimulating care for the sensitive

Instant moisturizing and smoothing (93% *), improved skin elasticity (86% *), reduction of facial and elastic wrinkles by 17% *. 

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