Clinic way Wrinkle Night Cream 3 ° 50 ml -

Clinic way Wrinkle Night Cream 3 ° 50 ml

Clinic way

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PHYTOHORMONAL AGAINST struggles with the processes responsible for atrophic wrinkles! CLINIC WAY - GLOBAL INNOVATION AGAINST AGING! 

The first line of dermocosmetics with anti-aging anti- aging effect is based on the unique scientific discovery of the revolutionary FGF1 LMS  RESTORATIVE REACTIVATOR with Aqua Calcis, which provides safe care for even the most sensitive and allergic skin. Wrinkle care for women aged 50+. 

FYTOHORMONAL FLAST combats the processes responsible for atrophic wrinkles by:

  • FGF1 LMS ™ Skin Recovery Reactivator with LIPO-SPHERE's unique transdermal delivery technology - suppresses the skin aging process by reactivating regenerative and self-renewal capabilities in three stages.
  • Phytohormone Complex - stimulates skin regeneration processes and restores physiological production of collagen and elastin chains disrupted by hormone deficiency. Maintains optimal hyaluronic acid concentration and ensures proper skin hydration, improving firmness, elasticity and discoloration.
  • Aqua Calcis - lime water on the list of drugs due to its antiseptic and soothing properties and ability to reduce irritation.

Deep hydration (86% *), immediate smoothing (93% *), roughness reduction by 38% * and dryness by 44% *, skin elasticity increase (83% *), reduction of atrophic wrinkles by 31% *. 

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