CNP Pro Peptide chocolate caramel brownie 908g

CNP Pro Peptide chocolate caramel brownie 908g


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Dietary supplement, with sweetener.
CNP = original sports nutrition from Great Britain with a tradition since 1998.
PRO PEPTIDE = premium protein mixture Time Release Protein Matrix with five different protein sources guaranteeing enough fast-absorbing and gradually releasing nutrients, with added enzymes, biocultures, magnesium and glutamine.
PRO PEPTIDE = a multi-constituent protein intended for consumption during breakfast, at any time of the day or at bedtime.
- Milk protein isolate (92% micellar casein)
- Native whey concentrate (obtained directly from milk)
- Native whey isolate (obtained directly from milk)
- Egg white protein
- Added magnesium
- Peptidically bound glutamine
- Patented enzymes Digezyme TM
- Beneficial Lactospore TM biocultures
 Naturally rich in leucine and glutamine due to proteins obtained directly from milk

PRO PEPTIDE = a multi-component protein of a new generation providing nutrients throughout the day and during the night thanks to several types of slowly absorbed proteins. For Peptide, it contains a Time Release Protein Matrix = a complex of five protein sources focused on the gradual release of proteins during the day.
Product focus:
- Protein synthesis
- Growth and regeneration of muscle mass
- Reduction of fatigue and exhaustion
- Normal energy metabolism
Component No. 1: Standardly absorbed proteins
Native whey concentrate (obtained directly from milk) and native whey isolate (obtained directly from milk) are among the standardly absorbed sources of protein. They are an available source of nutrients for depleted muscles in the first hours after consumption. Thanks to gentle processing at low temperatures directly from milk, whey isolate is a rich natural source of leucine and glutamine, while gently processed whey concentrate contains a large amount of bioactive protein fractions.
Component No.2: Moderately fast absorbed proteins
Protein obtained from egg whites is one of the moderately fast-absorbed proteins with an absorption time between whey proteins and casein.
Component No.3: Slowly absorbed proteins
Milk protein isolate (92% micellar casein) - belongs to the slowly absorbed proteins. The muscles of them absorb proteins in the order of hours after consumption, even during the night during sleep.

Peptidically bound glutamine
Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body, representing up to 60% of the total amino acids in skeletal muscle. However, during intense physical activity, illness and stress, its level decreases, and it must be supplemented to prevent catabolic processes. Its properties are related to proteosynthesis, the state of the digestive tract and the removal of ammonia. Unlike the free form of glutamine, glutamine peptides are more stable and their main advantage is easier digestibility and faster absorption.
Patented enzymes Dygezyme TM
Dygezyme TM's patented enzymes  (amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase and protease) are designed to promote absorption and enhance the body's utilization of the proteins it contains. It is advisable to supplement them with increased physical activity, stress or illness.
Beneficial biocultures of Lactospore TM
Our digestive system (intestines) is populated by billions of friendly microorganisms, with the help of which the organism processes the consumed nutrients. Excessive physical or mental stress may reduce the number of these microorganisms, which may make it more difficult to digest and impair the transport of necessary nutrients to the body. Therefore, it pays to supplement these biocultures.
The product is suitable for all individuals focused on:
- Super-complex source of protein for nutrient replenishment throughout the day
- Effective nutrient supplementation during breakfast, all day or before bed
The main benefits of the product
- 46 g of protein per 65 g dose
- Five top sources of protein
- 50 mg of digestive enzymes per 65 g dose
- 600 million units of friendly biocultures per 65 g dose
- 124 mg of magnesium per 65 g dose
- The quality of the strong British brand CNP
CNP Professional is an original sports nutrition from Manchester with a tradition dating back to 1998. The brand's reputation is inextricably linked to the founder, British legend Kerry Kays and First Milk (2000 independent farmers across England, Scotland and Wales). Kerry Kayes is a former British bodybuilder, trainer and nutritionist. Kayes regularly and long-term provides valuable advice to top athletes and clubs, whether it's the UFC or top Premier League teams, rugby, cycling teams and more.
It is said that if you want to do something perfectly, you usually have to do it yourself. That's why CNP Professional manufactures its own "in-house" products and, as a direct manufacturer, is therefore proud of its high quality. Unlike other companies, they are able to produce almost everything we use, always according to our own demanding standards. CNP products are compatible with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and are tested by LGC (formerly HFL Sport Science), one of the most reputable independent doping laboratories.

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