Colafit for dogs and cats, 30 cubes Pure Collagen -

Colafit for dogs and cats, 30 cubes Pure Collagen


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Colafit Dog and Cat is a pet product, improves the mobility of the joints, removes their stiffness and maintains the strength and elasticity of the cartilage. 

Detailed product information

Colafit is made up of one single ingredient - pure lyophilized bovine type I collagen.

Recommended dosage

  • Small breed:  (5 - 10 kg) 1/4 cubes
  • Medium breed:  (10 - 20 kg) 1/2 cubes
  • Large breed:  (20 - 40 kg) 1 cube
  • Giant breed:  (40 kg or more) 4 cubes

Recommended duration of use

To  achieve the desired effect  , Colafit Dog and Cat take 2-3 months twice a year. If necessary, it can be used permanently.

Method of use

We can mix the bite into the food or moisten and put it on the finger - the dog or cat easily licks it and swallows it. Colafit is easy to swallow, is tasteless and odorless. Unlike gelatine preparations that need to be administered in large quantities, and therefore animals often reject them,  Colafit Dog and Cat are  highly concentrated and light in their lyophilized form.

Manufacturer declaration

Several important reasons why Colafit is 100% safe for BSE transmission. The product is entirely produced in the Czech Republic. Colafit raw material - Achilles tendon - has been under strict veterinary control since 1995. Cattle older than 36 months are not used to produce collagen. Collagen is not and has never been purchased from abroad from unknown sources of livestock.


We use Colafit to:

  • prevention of collagen deficiency in food
  • replacement of increased collagen loss
  • improving hair condition
  • for animals under stress
  • reducing the risk of disturbances and locomotive organs
  • for pregnant and nursing females and cats

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