Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant 75ml

Conceive Plus

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Conceive Plus is a lubricating gel that is used to support conception. It contains calcium and magnesium ions, which are found in all body fluids. The gel helps keep sperm alive longer, reaches the egg faster, and thus increases the chances of fertilization. Conceive Plus gel is safe for both human sperm and embryo development. It promotes fertility and is vaginally hydrating. Scientifically proven.

It is a medical device.

The package contains 75 ml-

Dosage and method of use

Apply an appropriate amount of gel either before sexual intercourse or during intercourse.
It is recommended to be used around ovulation to increase the likelihood of conception.
The gel is suitable for everyday use, it can be used several times a day.


The product contains water, hypromellose, sodium chloride, methylparaben, glycerol, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride.

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