Crystal Miswak Natural ionic toothbrush 1 pc

Crystal Miswak Natural ionic toothbrush 1 pc

Crystal Miswak

  • $30.50

Can't or don't want to use toothpaste? Crystal Miswak Natural ionic toothbrush is the ideal solution that ensures a smooth surface of your teeth even without the use of toothpaste . The soft conical fibers of the brush are made of natural ceramics and powder of El Salvador El Salvador roots. Natural ceramic microparticles generate large amounts of negative ions when cleaning teeth , which remove plaque . The brush has an ergonomic , velvety smooth handle.

How an ionic toothbrush works

Teeth have a negative (-) charge, plaque a positive (+) charge. These opposing electric charges attract each other, so the plaque adheres firmly to the teeth. The ionic toothbrush temporarily disrupts this attraction by changing the charge on the teeth from (-) to (+) and the plaque can be easily removed .

Main features:

  • specially designed for brushing teeth without toothpaste
  • leaves the surface of the teeth really smooth
  • comfortable ergonomic handle


Natural ceramics (Quartz Schist) and Miswak powder.


The special effect of the ionic toothbrush is not reduced by the use of toothpaste, time or wear. Use for as long as regular toothbrushes. There is no risk of damage to the enamel or gums when brushing your teeth. The ionic effect of the particles is not affected over time.

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