da Vinci Classic eyeshadow brush 964

da Vinci Classic eyeshadow brush 964

da Vinci

  • $57.50

The da Vinci Classic brush has short natural bristles that guarantee perfect application of powder and cream eyeshadows. Thanks to the short and rounded surface of the bristles, it is suitable both for applying eye shadows across the surface and for detailed shading of individual eye areas.

The da Vinci Classic brush has a black, high-gloss handle that fits comfortably in your hand, making eyeshadow application even easier. The brush ensures precise application of the eyeshadows, minimal crumbling during application and long-lasting adhesion of the eyeshadows to the lid.

It is great for modeling the shape of the eyes, correcting, intensifying color, line and contour. It reliably applies everything from dry shadows to pigments to oily and liquid colors. It belongs to the basic brushes.


  • accurately applies eye shadows to the entire surface of the eyelid as well as individual parts
  • highlights the eyes with a strong contour
  • prevents powder eye shadows from crumbling
  • helps the eyeshadow stick to the lid for a long time


  • wooden handle from controlled forests, glossy black lacquered
  • hair – Russian red sable, this hair makes the most accurate brushes

How to use:
Take a small amount of eyeshadow on the brush and transfer it to the eyelids. Spread as needed. Do not press too hard on the brush to achieve a soft application. If you want a more expressive eye make-up, increase the intensity and apply the shade several times on the eyelids. Wash the brush once a month, if you use it professionally, then once every 14 days.

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