da Vinci Classic round eyeshadow brush 4194

da Vinci Classic round eyeshadow brush 4194

da Vinci

  • $46.50

The da Vinci Classic round brush has short-cut bristles, which make it even easier to apply loose eyeshadow on the eyelids. The special shape of the natural bristles allows drawing a distinctive line around the eyes and overall highlighting of their shape.

The da Vinci Classic brush is ideal for mixing multiple color shades and precisely spreading eye shadows all over the lid. The comfortable handle has a subtle black coating and fits perfectly in the hand. The da Vinci Classic brush prevents eye shadows from crumbling during application and ensures their perfect application.


  • provides subtle and bold make-up
  • spread the eyeshadow evenly
  • frames the eyes with a bold line
  • applies powder eye shadows without creasing
  • fits perfectly in the hand


  • dark sable bristles - taper from the middle to the end of the hair and are extremely flexible

How to use:
Take a small amount of eyeshadow on the brush and transfer it to the eyelids. Spread as needed. Do not press too hard on the brush to achieve a soft application. If you want a more expressive eye make-up, increase the intensity and apply the shade several times on the eyelids.

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