Darphin Cellulite Modeling Gel 500 ml -

Darphin Cellulite Modeling Gel 500 ml


  • $229.50

Skin Type : For all skin types

Intended for : All who want to improve the appearance of orange skin and loss of skin firmness.

Effects : A refreshing gel that strengthens and smoothes the skin of the body and improves the condition of the skin where cellulite is concentrated. The body contours are newly modeled, the skin is smoother and firmer.

Includes :

- Extract of Coleus barbatus - a mint-related plant - strongly stimulates against excessive fat deposition, stimulates blood circulation, reduces the rediscovery of fat stores. 
- Poria cocos extract - an edible fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine - anti-inflammatory effects, reduces swelling, anti-wrinkle effect. 
- Acetyl Carnitine - anti-aging effect, increases energy production to cells throughout the body, burns fats. 
- Creatine - relaxes muscle energy, restores energy stores, increases muscle mass benefits.

When to use : Every day, morning and evening after bath or shower.

Application : Massage in ascending movements. Focus more on problematic parite: hips, buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands. Immediately after application it is possible to dress, leaving no traces.

Product advantages : 
1. The skin is beautifully smooth, soft and firm. 
2. Reduces irregularities in orange skin. 
3. Body contours are firmer and newly modeled.

Packaging : 500ml

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