Davines MORE INSIDE invisible serum 50ml

Davines MORE INSIDE invisible serum 50ml


  • $46.50

For dry or damp hair.

* without parabens and added dyes

Fixation factor: 1

For adjusting a wavy, unmodified style. 


  • Fine texture, flexible fixation.
  • Easily separates strands of hair.
  • Against porous hair.
  • Satin touch.

EXTRA HUMIDIFYING FACTOR: Synergy of various ingredients with a high moisturizing force, which allows the creation of water reserves in the hair root. Slow release of these ingredients increases product performance and keeps hair healthy and hydrated for longer.

EXTREME FLEXIBILITY FACTOR: A combination of the latest generation of raw materials, including a three-dimensional resin which, thanks to its special molecular configuration, gives the hair a defined, flexible structure.

ANTI-DUMP FACTOR: The composition was carefully calibrated to minimize resin content to reduce "peeling", but without reducing product efficiency.

TEXTURE FACTOR: The composition was designed to provide volume, texture and a well-defined hair shape without the addition of resin.


Apply a small amount to dry hair and adjust to the desired shape.

For a more visible effect, apply to damp hair and continue styling.

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