Delmar Panthenol nasal spray 50 ml -

Delmar Panthenol nasal spray 50 ml


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Panthenol-containing nasal spray promotes the formation of a protective layer in the nose and, when used regularly, helps to reduce upper respiratory infections.

Detailed product information

Delmar panthenol is a seawater solution (isotonic) that is suitable for everyday use. It supports the self-cleaning ability of the nose and moisturizes it. It is intended for adults and children from birth.

Especially suitable for:

  • before using other nasal preparations because it will clean the nose properly so that it can penetrate the medicine
  • with a tendency to dry the nasal mucosa due to air conditioning and a heated environment
  • with irritated and dry nasal mucosa
  • cold, with nasal congestion, or allergic rhinitis


Adults and children from 1 year of age apply 1-2 injections to each nostril several times a day as needed. For children under 1, apply 1 injection to each nostril several times a day as needed. Hold the spray vertically with the nozzle up.


Sea salt, calcium pantothenate, benzalkonium chloride and purified water.


For hygiene reasons, each user should have their own spray.

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