DiaPhan glucose sugar test strips 50pcs

DiaPhan glucose sugar test strips 50pcs

Erba Meinnheim

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DiaPhan for self-testing are strips for diabetic patients designed to monitor two basic analytes, which are glucose and ketones. Glucose is one of the physiological components of urine. Increased urinary excretion of glucose is a hallmark of diabetes. The second component monitored is ketones, the detection of which in urine is very important for the early detection of significant changes in metabolism.
Products for self-testing are characterized by simplicity of the method, comprehensibility of the instructions and ease of use.

Dosage and method of use

First, prepare the urine in which to perform the test. Just before testing, remove the strip from the package and then immerse it vertically in the urine for 1 - 2 seconds. Place the strip on a horizontal, dry, clean and non-absorbent surface. After 60 seconds, evaluate the color of the reagent zone by comparison with the color scale on the label.

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