DR. BOEHM St. John's Wort 600 mg forte 30 tablets

DR. BOEHM St. John's Wort 600 mg forte 30 tablets


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 Fear is vital because it allows us to recognize and avoid dangers. Everyone has fears - and everyone knows moods and depression. These can arise due to private problems, special living conditions, illnesses, but also due to seasonal factors (e.g. insufficient solar radiation in winter). Sometimes it can lead to permanent fear and upset for no apparent cause. Then you should do something about it. 

St. John's wort has been known for around 2000 years, making it one of the oldest medicinal plants. In the Middle Ages it was recognized that the flowers and buds of the St. John's wort plant help people when "shadows have fallen on the soul". With Paracelsus it was used "against melancholy thoughts".
application areas
For the treatment of mental disorders that can be accompanied by a loss of interest, depressed mood and listlessness. 
For adults aged 18 and over.
Adults take 1 film-coated tablet daily whole and with sufficient liquid with a meal. 
600 mg dry extract from St. John's wort.
Free from yeast, gluten and artificial azo dyes.
The special plus
Dr. Böhm® St. John's wort has numerous ingredients that work together to improve the mood and boost your drive.
Contains exclusively high-quality, pharmacopoeia-compliant, harvested St. John's wort at the time of flowering with standardized hypericin and hyperforin content.
Only 1 film-coated tablet a day.
Without the risk of addiction
Quality from your pharmacy.
Herbal medicine

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