Dr Konrad Cutozinc 4% spray 100ml -

Dr Konrad Cutozinc 4% spray 100ml

Dr Konrad

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Zinc spray to protect irritated baby skin.

Detailed product information

Characteristics : 
Cutozinc 4% Spray is a preparation for direct topical application designed to prevent sore spots and / or soothe and protect irritated and reddened skin. Contains zinc oxide, which creates a physical protective barrier to prevent the effects of external noxes and also dries and soothes already irritated skin.

Its advantage is hygienic and easy to use without the need to touch the affected, painful spots. 
Cutozinc spray 4% can be easily, painlessly and hygienically applied to the irritated and reddened skin of infants and toddlers in a thin layer.

Ingredients of the preparation form a protective layer on the skin, protecting sensitive baby skin from stool and urine irritants. The ingredients contained in Cutozinc spray 4% soothe the skin, help prevent redness. The non-occlusive galenical form prevents the multiplication of pathogens under the applied layer. 

How to use Cutozinc Spray 4%
Shake before use. Spray a thin, even layer on carefully cleaned and dried skin. Before application, clean the bearing with a medical antiseptic soap (Cutosan).

Spray from a distance of about 5-10 cm. If necessary, rub into the skin. It is not necessary to apply it in two layers;

Use several times a day as needed, ideally for diaper dermatitis every time you change your diaper. 
The product can be used from the newborn child 

Prevention : 
Diaper dermatitis 

Use to soothe:
Diaper dermatitis (ideally combined with antifungal cream) 
Wetting lesions in skin folds (eg neck, lower abdomen) 
Erosion - eg around the nipple 

Composition / Ingredients:
Aqua, zinc oxide, oleic acid, coco-caprylate / caprate alkylalcohol, alkyl glucoside, glycerin, caprylyl glycol, caprylhydroxamic acid, cocoglycerides, silica. 
Without added dyes, perfumes, parabens and lanolin. 

Content : 100ml

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