Dr. Müller PantheNose nasal spray with aloe vera 20ml -

Dr. Müller PantheNose nasal spray with aloe vera 20ml

Dr. Muller

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PantheNose® nasal spray with panthenol and a moisturizing and healing effect aloe vera - moisturizes the mucosa of the nose

Regular cleaning of the nasal cavity with a special spray promotes the protective function of the nasal mucosa as it helps to keep the mucosa naturally moistened. PantheNose® nasal spray with panthenol gently cleanses the nasal cavity, reduces the formation of mucus in the cold and makes breathing easier. The nasal mucosa does not dry out.
  • gently and gently cleans the nose (helps remove crusts, wash away dust and pollen)
  • moisturizes dry nasal mucosa
  • loosens clogged nose
  • regenerates and protects the nasal mucosa
For moisturizing the mucous membrane of the entire nasal cavity and nasopharynx especially when staying in an environment with low relative air humidity, in premises heated by central heating and in environments contaminated mainly by dust particles. The spray is used to relieve the symptoms of acute colds, rhinitis caused by impaired vascular permeability in the nasal mucosa and allergic rhinitis, including hay fever. 

Active Folders:
  • Dexpanthenol accelerates the healing of minor superficial injuries in the nose, has regenerative and moisturizing effects.
  • Aloe vera has healing and moisturizing effects, moisturizes the nasal mucosa dried by staying in an environment with low relative humidity, eg in winter in flats or workplaces.
Inject several times a day into each nostril as needed. Suitable for adults, children and infants. Sprays can also be used by pregnant and nursing women. Use only one person's spray at a time. After use, remove the nasal attachment, wash it with water, allow it to dry and replace it.

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