Easylax Microenema Glycerol chamomile / mallow children 6x3g

Easylax Microenema Glycerol chamomile / mallow children 6x3g


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Easylax Medical Device is a glycerin laxative for children designed for short-term treatment of occasional constipation in children. It softens the mucosa, relaxes and lubricates the stool and thus facilitates its excretion from the body. Can be used for children from birth.

The package contains 6x 3g - 6 ampoules.

Dosage and method of use

1 to 2 doses / ampoule in 24 hours.

Each single dose of Easylax laxative remains closed until used, ensuring hygiene and practicality in use. First, open Easylax by grasping the ampoule by the neck and turning the cap off. When handling, do not hold Easylax by the flexible body of the ampoule, as a laxative may leak when opened. Slightly moisten the neck with Easylax laxative and carefully insert it into the anus. Then press the flexible part of the ampoule to spray the contents inside. Without further pressure, gently remove the neck of the ampoule from the anus and throw the bottle in the trash.


Glycerol 2.25g, wheat starch 0.02g, chamomile extract 0.10g, mallow extract 0.10g and purified water


Easylax for children should not be used to treat acute abdominal pain or other pain of unknown origin. Rectal irritation may occur in patients with particular sensitivity to the components of Easylax and with previous inflammation of the mucosa.

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