EatEnjoy Enjoy Dairy 10 capsules

EatEnjoy Enjoy Dairy 10 capsules


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EatEnjoy Dairy is a dietary supplement containing the digestive enzyme lactase, which helps digest lactose, and a protease, which acts specifically on milk proteins.

The pack contains 10 capsules.

Dosage and method of use

The recommended dose is 1 capsule before or during a meal containing dairy products. Do not exceed the recommended dose of three capsules a day.


Each capsule (345 mg) contains: a mixture of Dairylytic Enzyme, Lactase (4000 ALU), Protease (50,000 HUT), capsules: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; dye E171.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended for people with hypolactasia (lactase non-persistence or lactase deficiency) or any other condition in the stomach or digestive tract and should not be used as an alternative to treat such conditions.
Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Not suitable for children.
In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, stop taking the product immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

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