EatEnjoy Enjoy Gluten food 20 capsules

EatEnjoy Enjoy Gluten food 20 capsules


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EatEnjoy Gluten is a dietary supplement containing digestive enzymes that act on internal and external peptide bonds that form gluten protein in food. The enzymes in EatEnjoy Gluten further break down food proteins such as milk, walnuts, fish and soybeans, making it easier to digest food.

The pack contains 20 capsules.

Dosage and method of use

The recommended dose is 1 capsule immediately before or during a meal containing gluten.
It does not exceed the recommended dose of 3 capsules a day.


Each capsule (350 mg) contains: active ingredients: Enzyme blend Glutalytic, Protease 75000 HUT 350 mg, Aspergillopepsin (500 SAPU), Protease DPP IV (125 DPP IV).


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended for people with celiac disease or other diseases of the stomach or digestive tract and should not be used as an alternative to treat such diseases.
Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Not suitable for children.
In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, stop taking the product immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

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