Eco Cosmetics Cleansing foam BIO 100 ml

Eco Cosmetics Cleansing foam BIO 100 ml

Eco Cosmetics

  • $46.50

Help your skin maintain a youthful appearance. Natural cleansing foam in BIO quality gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin. Removes remnants of make-up , eye shadow or mascara and copes with remnants of sunscreen. It contains grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid and helps fight wrinkles . It smoothes the contours of the skin and leaves the skin beautifully refreshed.


  • gently cleanses the skin and removes remnants of makeup
  • adds moisture to the skin and helps fight wrinkles
  • 100% natural ingredients


Vegetable extracts of pomegranate and grape seeds, hyaluronic acid.


Apply a small amount of foam directly on the skin, massage in and then rinse thoroughly with water.

About the brand

Do you prefer natural products? The German brand Eco Cosmetics creates products with a high proportion of ingredients in BIO quality. They boast strict EcoCert quality certification, which is a guarantee that it is truly a natural range. Effective and at the same time affordable products are a great solution for your whole family.

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