ECODENTA Strawberry Toothpaste 75 ml -

ECODENTA Strawberry Toothpaste 75 ml


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Strawberry Toothpaste with Carrot and Calcium Extract. It is suitable for first baby teeth. Gently cleanses, protects against caries and gently cares for baby's mouth.

Detailed product information

Strawberry Toothpaste with Carrot and Calcium Extract is specifically designed to care for the first baby teeth. It gently cleans teeth, protects them from caries, and provides gentle care for baby meringues. Carrot extract alleviates tooth sensitivity. The calf strengthens the enamel and fills small cracks and scratches in the enamel. ECODENTA dental care products contain highly effective natural ingredients without harmful abrasive or foaming ingredients . ECODENTA toothpaste consists mainly of organic raw materials or substances of natural origin. It is intended for daily care of children's teeth.

Main features:

  • carrot extract relieves the sensitivity of children's teeth
  • the calf fills small cracks in the enamel
  • a favorite strawberry flavor
  • toothpaste for everyday care


Pea size paste is used for children under 6 years old. Apply the toothpaste paste and clean the teeth gently. The paste should be used at least twice a day. 

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