Ellen Probiotic tampons ECO normal 22 pcs -

Ellen Probiotic tampons ECO normal 22 pcs


  • $39.50

Ellen® Probiotic Swabs - Probiotic and 2in1 Swab
A medical device suitable for reducing the symptoms of vaginal discomfort and restoring the balance of the vaginal microflora. 
For women who regularly suffer from vaginal inflammation, which is accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of itching, burning and discharge.
ellen® Probiotic swabs contain a mixture of patented probiotic lactic acid bacteria Lacto Naturel® (LN®), most often present in the natural vaginal microflora. These lactic acid bacteria lower to the desired pH level and support the natural vaginal microflora, so that most micro-organisms that cause inflammation cannot grow.
ellen® probiotic tampons are suitable for all menstruating women, even from the first menstruation, and for those who have never used tampons.
Regular use of women will prevent discomfort in the intimate area, but they will also feel comfortable during menstruation. 
Read the package leaflet before using the product.

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