etre belle Golden Skin Caviar day cream 100 ml

etre belle Golden Skin Caviar day cream 100 ml

etre belle

  • $97.50

Velvet care with 23 carat gold , caviar and honey. Thanks to its composition, Etre belle Golden Skin Caviar day cream prevents epidermal loss of moisture from the skin and at the same time perfectly regenerates the skin. The substances contained ensure a silky and off-looking appearance . In a special gift package with Swarovski crystals. 


  • leaves skin velvety soft 
  • contributes to the turned off appearance of the skin
  • perfectly regenerates the skin

Care full of valuable ingredients

Gold increases the oxygen content of the skin and removes signs of fatigue . Honey contributes to perfect skin hydration. Caviar is a very valuable ingredient for the skin due to its high content of proteins, lipids, lecithin and many trace elements, such as cobalt, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, copper and especially zinc. Thanks to this composition, the aging process is slowed down and the skin repair system is supported


With 23 carat gold, caviar and honey.


In the morning, apply the face cream in combination with Caviar 24 Hour Care Gel, Vaviar Lifting Serum or Caviar Gold Ampoule. Ideal as a base for make-up.

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