Eveline SLIM 3D Anticelulite 250 ml slimming and firming serum -

Eveline SLIM 3D Anticelulite 250 ml slimming and firming serum


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Slim 3D - Slimming and firming serum against cellulite

The Lipocell-Slim® complex contained in this cosmetic product, developed exclusively for body forming and firming, and L-carnitine accelerate metabolism and effectively reduce the volume of adipose tissue under the skin. Unique ingredients: Isocell® Slim, Cantella Asiatica, caffeine, menthol and ivy extract intensively support the fatty acid burning process, block fat synthesis and accelerate the secretion of juices from adipose tissue. Thanks to this effect, the serum effectively reduces “orange skin” while shaping the body contours. Collagen and elastin instantly improve skin firmness, softness and elasticity.

Gingko biloba balances the allowed skin areas and prevents the creation of new ones.

The nutritional composition of the serum contains minerals from the thermal waters of northern Brittany, and the Laminaria algae extract perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

A pleasantly cool feeling after application guarantees immediate action of the serum. The active ingredients contained in the product interact with each other to ensure fast and effective care.


Content: 250ml

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