Eveline SLIM 3D Thermo active slimming serum 250 ml -

Eveline SLIM 3D Thermo active slimming serum 250 ml


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Slimming care in three steps: 

- Intensely stimulates the process of burning fat cells  
- Effectively combat stubborn cellulite  
- Slimming, shaping and modeling waist, buttocks and thighs  

The first thermoactive cellulite slimming serum developed controls the size of existing fat cells and prevents cellulite on the skin surface. 
Thanks to the technologically advanced thermo-composition of fat-burning, it gently warms the skin, which allows rapid penetration of active substances into the skin and ensures maximum results. Fat cells slowly reduce and the body gets firmer shapes. Slim body gets in good shape. 

- The fat-burning thermal composition effectively reduces fat deposits, removes stored fats and prevents new buildup. It improves tissue outflow and activates the processes of water excretion from the body. 
- Isocell slim complex, caffeine and centella asiatica intensively stimulate fat cell burning and block their synthesis. In this way, they actively promote weight loss and effectively reduce the symptoms of cellulite. 
- Laminaria Algae, rich in mineral salts, deeply hydrates, soothes and removes excess water from tissues. In addition, they strengthen the structure of the skin. 

EFFECTS: Visible reduction of adipose tissue  Reduced visibility of stubborn cellulite  Shapes the body - waist, thighs, buttocks 

Package content:  250ml 

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