Eveline Slim Extreme 4D Gold 250 ml slimming serum -

Eveline Slim Extreme 4D Gold 250 ml slimming serum


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Gold slimming and shaping serum  EFFECT 4D  

- removes cellulite  

- shapes and softens silhouette  

- reduces fatty tissue  

- works up to 48 hours 

GOLD SERUM for slimming and shaping is a luxury solution to reduce fatty tissue inspired by the latest knowledge in the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. An innovative formula rich in pure 24-carat gold and a unique combination of active ingredients, stimulates the fat burning process and allows for uniform shapes. 

24-carat gold, effective in rich hyaluronic acid composition bioHyaluron Slim Complex ™ and ginkgo biloba, effectively stimulate microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue, eliminate accumulated toxins in cells and consequently - visibly reduce cellulite. 

Goldserum leaves a fine film and creates an invisible corset on the skin, brightening and smoothing the body - gently shimmering with gold. 

Lipocell-Slim ™ Intensive helps weight loss and silhouette shaping. It stretches the skin, increases its stretch resistance and helps maintain optimal elasticity (eg when changing body weight). 

Plant stem cells - PhytoCellTec ™ activate weak and tired stem cells in the skin and thus stimulate its natural regeneration. This in turn allows the removal of cellulite naturally. 

Argan oil effectively reduces advanced cellulite and significantly reduces the visibility of stretch marks. 

Chufa ES vegetable milk, seaweed and vitamins A, E, F deeply nourish, hydrate and revitalize. 

Package content:  250ml

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