Fact Rectal ointment 20 g -

Fact Rectal ointment 20 g


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Fat ointment is used to treat both external and internal hemorrhoids, especially accompanied by inflammation and bleeding in adults.

Detailed product information

Hemorrhoids are most often caused by lack of exercise and fiber, while inheritance also plays a role in pregnancy. If you have problems with hemorrhoids, you need to deal with them as soon as possible!


  • burning or itching of the rectum
  • stomach pain
  • bleeding in the stool
  • knots in the anvil
  • wetting

The fact that the rectal ointment quickly stops bleeding, pruritus and burning in hemorrhoids and other rectal problems. It has an anti-inflammatory and locally desensitizing effect. Rectal ointment is used to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids, rash and itching in the rectum, and surface cracks in the anus area. Fat Rectal Ointment is for adults.

How to Use Rectal Ointment:

The ointment is poured 2-3 times a day into the area around the rectum, with the attached applicator inserted into the empty rectum. Mast Fact is designed to treat both external and internal hemorrhoids. For treatment of internal hemorrhoids, especially if they are accompanied by inflammation and bleeding, suppositories are preferable. 


The healing substance of the ointment and suppository of the Fact is policed. The fiche also contains cinchocaine, which causes local numbness, thus reducing itching and burning.

The excipients are macrogol, cetostearomacrogol 300, colloidal anhydrous silica, disodium edetate dihydrate, edetate acid, sodium hydroxide, butylhydroxytoluene, purified water.

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