Fertil Control Light DONNA Ovulation test

Fertil Control Light DONNA Ovulation test


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The FertilControl Light ovulation tester is a small hand-held microscope that will help you use saliva to find out if you are in the fertile period of your menstrual cycle. The ovulation test is designed for daily detection of ovulation from saliva with an accuracy of up to 98%. The test is small, discreet and fits in your hand, thanks to the possibility of repeated use, you also save on one-off tests. You can perform the tests indefinitely for 2 years, even several times a day.

The ovulation period in a woman lasts about 3 days, 6 days is considered a period of possible pregnancy. The test can be p ro identify the fertile days to become pregnant , or vice versa as a contraceptive , which tells you where you need to protect yourself from conception (especially suitable for women who can not or prefer not to use hormonal contraceptives).


Open the ovulation tester like lipstick and remove the black mini-microscope from the package. Remove the foil from the protective slide, clean the slide. Apply an appropriate amount of bubble-free saliva and put the mini-microscope back in the package. Wait at least 10 minutes for the saliva to dry. Turn on the light with the switch on the bottom, place your eye on the tester and observe the result.

  • you see unconnected dots - a barren period
  • you see short lines about hair strength - in the meantime (about 3 days before the start of the ovulation period)
  • you see the structure as eyelashes - the fertile period

Clean the slide after each use. Use as needed, during the ovulation cycle and several times a day.



Read the instructions for use carefully before use.

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