Fitmin dog Purity Longevity and immunity - 200 g

Fitmin dog Purity Longevity and immunity - 200 g


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Using a nutritional supplement for dogs Fitmin dog Purity Longevity and immunity - 200 g  improves the protective and regenerative functions of your dog's body and supports overall immunity thanks to the content of ß-glucans and antioxidants (vitamin E, selenium, etc.). The active substances protect against free radicals and ensure the optimal composition of the intestinal microflora. The supplement is especially suitable for older dogs, positively affects their brain activity and supports vitality. It is also suitable for increased toxic load on the body due to disease, pharmacological treatment or surgery, after the administration of antibiotics or preventively as a regenerative agent. The nutritional supplement of the Czech traditional brand FITMIN can improve the mental and physical condition of your dog's pet. 

Key features Fitmin dog Purity Longevity and immunity - 200 g

  • An excellent dietary supplement FITMIN for dogs to improve the body's protective and regenerative functions
  • The high content of ß-glucans and antioxidants supports the overall immunity of the animal
  • A quality product protects against free radicals, improves the condition of the intestinal microflora
  • Especially suitable for older dogs to support brain activity and strengthen vitality
  • FITMIN dog Purity Longevity and immunity - 200 g for all breeds of dogs
  • Content of active substances to improve the physical and mental condition of your dog 


Individual weight up to 5 kg / dosage of supplement 2 g / day
Weight of individual 5-10 kg / dosage of supplement 4 g / day
Weight of individual 10-20 kg / dosage of supplement 6 g / day
Weight of individual 20-30 kg / dosage of supplement 8 g / day
Individual weight 30-40 kg / supplement dosage 10 g / day
Individual weight 40-80 kg / supplement dosage 12-16 g / day



Dried poultry meat and offal, yeast, hydrolysed poultry meat and offal, hydrolysed collagen, Chlorella, inactivated yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (beta glucans 2.5%), Boswellia serrata extract, methylsulfonylmethane, Vitis vinifera and Vaccinium angustifol extract 15%

Analytical components:
crude protein 47%, crude oils and fats 9%, crude fiber 2%, crude ash 10.5%

Additives / 1kg:
Trace elements: selenium 0.36 mg (supplemented with selenomethionine from Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397) 
Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar effects: vit. A 63000 mj, vit. D3 7000 mj, vit. E 1120 mg, white B1 95 mg, white B2 190 mg, white B6 150 mg, white B12 300 ,g, white C 1300 mg, niacinamide 1260 mg, calcium pantothenate 450 mg, folic acid 4.3 mg, biotin 95 mg, choline chloride 3600 mg, taurine 37000 mg, L-carnitine 10000 mg 
Microorganisms: Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 5.109 CFU, Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 2 × 1010 CFU

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