Frida Mom Labor & Delivery Postpartum Recovery Kit

Frida Mom

  • $189.50

Indulge in gentle yet thorough care after delivery, which is most important for uncomplicated recovery of postpartum injuries . Frida Mom Large set for the maternity hospital contains special aids that help to immediately relieve and calm the intimate parts in the first days after delivery. In addition, in the set you will find a comfortable nursing shirt and non-slip socks not only for a stay in the hospital. A unique set of products will accompany you throughout the birth, from the first contractions to the birth of a baby.

Contents of the set

  • nursing maternity shirt (1pc) - soft, comfortable and can be unbuttoned in front and back
  • disposable postpartum panties - shorts (4 pieces) - are soft and flexible, designed to keep the liner in place, but at the same time you felt comfortable
  • cooling absorbent Ice Maxi pads (4 pieces) - combine the properties of soothing cold and the absorption capacity of the postpartum pad
  • soothing foam with yarrow extracts 147ml (1 piece) - soothing cooling effect provides immediate relief exactly where you need it
  • soothing wet wipes with yarrow extracts (24 pieces) - cover the entire mattress and healing ingredients get to the injured areas. You will feel the calming cooling effect immediately!
  • intimate shower in a discreet drawstring bag (1 piece) - provides maximum hygiene and gently cleanses postpartum injuries
  • anti-slip socks (1 pair) - comfortable material, provided with a special material on the bottom, thanks to which you will not slip
  • travel bag (1pc) - a practical case in which you can hide all the needs of Frida Mom


  • nursing maternity shirt - universal size M-XL (length 104 cm), made of 100% viscose
  • disposable postpartum panties - shorts - latex-free, universal size - waist circumference 70-110 cm (maximum stretch up to 140 cm)
  • cooling absorbent Ice Maxi inserts - "crack-and-cool" system
  • soothing foam with witch hazel extracts - 50% witch hazel extract, chamomile
  • soothing wet wipes with witch hazel extracts - 50% witch hazel extract and chamomile
  • intimate shower in a discreet drawstring bag - package contains 1 Intimate shower + 1 waterproof travel case


  • nursing maternity shirt - it can be unzipped at the back along the entire length thanks to small studs and on the front you can open the entire shirt up to the waist for easy access to the breast during breastfeeding
  • disposable postpartum panties - shorts - designed for single use
  • cooling absorbent Ice Maxi inserts - the "crack-and-cool" system inside the insert is activated simply by bending the insert. Subsequently, the insert will cool for at least 20 minutes.
  • soothing foam with vilin extracts - apply to the liner or soothing wet wipe. It is quickly absorbed into the injured areas, not into the liner.
  • soothing wet wipes with yarrow extracts - cover the mattress with them. If you want an even greater cooling effect, put the napkins in the fridge for a while before using them.
  • intimate spray in a discreet drawstring bag - is designed so that it can be used from the bottom up. That is, while you are sitting on the toilet. So you don't have to worry about any complicated manipulations or spilled water. An impermeable and opaque bag protects the bottle from dirt and your handbag from water, so you can always have it with you.


All products are for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes when using soothing foam with vilin extracts and wet wipes with vilin extracts . In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If the condition does not improve within 7 days, stop using and contact your doctor. Disposable postpartum panties - shorts or cooling absorbent Ice Maxi pads  are not machine washable and are designed for single use. Discard after use.

About the brand

Profimed occupies a significant position in the field of health care. The cornerstone of the Profimed Baby concept became the Swedish-American, expert-appreciated brand of aids for children, Fridababy. In 2021, she took another big step on her journey to help not only children but also parents. She retained her original view of motherhood and entered the mothers' care segment under the Frida Mom brand.

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