Fytofontana Gyntima suppositories Forte 10pcs + Hoodia Slimming serum 120ml -

Fytofontana Gyntima suppositories Forte 10pcs + Hoodia Slimming serum 120ml


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Fytofontana Gyntima suppositories Forte are vaginal suppositories suitable for regular and long-term care for a healthy vagina. They form a breeding ground for lactobacilli and ensure their optimal reproduction.

They are recommended to be used

  • During menopause and lactation
  • When using antibiotics and other agents that destroy bacteria
  • On discharge , on the use of contraceptive tablets or on the intrauterine device
  • In cases of mild bacterial vaginitis and fungal infections, when they are an effective physiological elimination of these infections

How to use Fytofontan Gyntim suppositories Forte:

Vaginal suppositories are administered once daily, preferably in the evening before bedtime for 10 days.


Vaginal suppositories include lactosum, lacticum acid, proteose peptone, folic acid, Salviae officinalis extract, Melaleuca alternifolia, PEG 32, PEG 20, polysorbate 20, sodium chloride, magnesium sulphas, benzalkonium chloride.


Hoodia Slimming serum is a slimming body serum with anti-cellulite effect. It promotes the release of accumulated fat, improves the character and leaves the skin firmer and more flexible, especially in problematic areas of the body.

The serum is applied to the problem areas (thighs, hips, waist and abdomen) twice a day.

Serum contains caffeine, carnitine, ivy extract, cocoa extract, seaweed, hot orange, rosemary.

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