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Gelone Eye Drops 10ml


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Gelone eye drops provide instant soothing relief to tired and irritated eyes, making contact lenses more comfortable to wear.

Protective film

Gelone droplets form an artificial protective film on the surface of the eye that is comparable in nature to the natural tear layer. This provides the eyes with maximum and effective protection against harmful external influences - dust, smog and wind.

How Do Gelone Drops Work? 

Gelone drops prevent the surface of the eyes from drying out and contribute (along with tears) to dust particles and small dirt. They contain no preservatives, which makes them very sensitive to the sensitive eye environment, so they can be used without a prescription. Suitable for sensitive eyes. 

The properties of Gelone drops are especially appreciated by people who often travel in dusty, dry, or air-conditioned environments, as well as allergy sufferers who are able to provide immediate relief from eye burns and eliminate redness caused by irritation to the allergy.

Rapid Solution of Dry Eye

Syndrome Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common possible side effects that may in some cases be caused by the use of contact lenses. This complication may have various causes, but the common denominator is often the lack of natural tears. Gelone eye drops are a fast and efficient solution in this case. 

Note: The shelf life of Gelone drops after opening is 30 days.

Content : 10ml

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