Generica hydro pastilles 20 lozenges -

Generica hydro pastilles 20 lozenges


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Hydro lozenges help to relieve pain, scratching and sore throat, hoarseness and cough irritation. They moisturize and regenerate the mucosa in the mouth and throat.

Detailed product information

Hydro lozenges are a medical device designed to protect, moisturize and regenerate the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Hydro pastilles contain the hydrogel complex (hyaluronic acid, carbomer and xanthan gum) and calcium pantothenate . This complex moisturizes the irritated mucosa and forms a protective film against the penetration and spread of bacteria and viruses on the lozenge. Calcium pantotenate promotes mucosal regeneration.

The lozenges help in

  • Pain, scratching and sore throat.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Irritation to cough.
  • Stressed vocal cords.
  • Mucosal dryness in the oral cavity in patients with salivary gland disorders.
  • Mucosal dryness in oral cavity in patients with chronic post-inflammatory inflammation.


Adults and children over the age of 6 take 1 lozenge every 3-4 hours, a maximum of 3 lozenges per day. Let the lozenges dissolve slowly in your mouth. Do not swallow and bite. If necessary, they can be used for a long time.


Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), carbomer, xanthan gum, calcium pantothenate (calcium salt of vitamin B5).

Excipients: sorbitol, xylitol, citric acid, magnesium stearate, acacia, mint flavor.


The lozenges are suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Also suitable for diabetics.

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