Geratam 1200 mg 60 tablets -

Geratam 1200 mg 60 tablets


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Geratam 1200 mg is used for disorders of the brain, which are due to memory loss, attention deficit disorder and lack of energy in adults.

Detailed product information

Geratam 1200 mg has a positive effect on brain cells in  learning and memory , alertness and consciousness . In the absence of central nervous system function, the product increases alertness and improves cognitive abilities.

Geratam 1200 mg is intended for the treatment of symptoms of psycho-organizational syndrome (brain activity disorder), such as memory loss, attention deficit disorder, and lack of energy.

Geratam 1200 mg film-coated tablets can be taken by adults, children from the age of 8 years only on the advice of a doctor.

How to take Geratam 1200 mg:

To treat symptoms of psycho-organic syndrome, adults take 1-2 tablets twice a day. Do not take more than 4 tablets a day. Do not take your product for more than 8 weeks without consulting your doctor.


The active substance is piracetam 1200 mg in 1 film-coated tablet.

The excipients are macrogol 6000, colloidal anhydrous silica, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, opaque Y-1-7000 coating system, opaque OY-S-29019 coating system.


Geratam 1200 mg contains sodium. It must be taken into account in patients on a low sodium diet.

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