Giom ERA Multivitamin 180 tablets

Giom ERA Multivitamin 180 tablets


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Giom Multivitamin is a food supplement that provides a lot of vitamins for the health and vitality of your dog. Ideal especially for puppies, dogs in growth and dogs in increased physical activity. The tablets are easy to administer and dogs are well received.
Suitable for use in puppies throughout the growth period.
It supports the correct course of pregnancy and is very suitable during lactation of bitches.
Regular feeding will increase not only the quality and shine of the coat, but also the overall defenses.
To improve the condition of the dog.
An ideal supplement during periods of physical activity or during the age of dogs.
Also suitable for cats.

Ingredients in 1 kg: ßeta-carotene 1,000 mg, biotin 250 mg, vitamin E (as Alfatocopherol) 5,000 mg, vitamin B1 400 mg, vitamin B2 400 mg, vitamin B6 300 mg, vitamin B12 5 mg, vitamin K3 5 mg, vitamin C 12,500 mg, Fe - chelate Fe 800 mg, Zn - chelate Zn 2,700 mg, Mn - chelate Mn 800 mg, Calcium Ca 12%, Phosphorus P 6%, Sodium Na 0.2%.

Administration and dosage:

mass amount
up to 8 kg ½ tbl.
8-15 kg 1 tbl.
15-30 kg 2 tbl.
30-45 kg 3 tbl.
over 45 kg 4 tbl.

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