Globules Similasan against cough No. 1 15g

Globules Similasan against cough No. 1 15g


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For irritable cough, tickling cough with nausea, coughing fits, especially at night, dry cough with pain behind the breastbone, cough with nausea, vomiting phlegm: combine with cough drop number 3.

Pharmaceutical-therapeutic category and
mode of action
(How do globules work against cough No. 1
Homeopathy sees itself as a regulation therapy to
stimulate the body's self-healing tendency . The
knowledge about the healing effect of homeopathic
single remedies , which come from plants, animals and minerals
, is gained through drug tests on healthy
people (test symptoms), by use on
sick people and on the basis of knowledge of scientific
drug effects. The
summary gives the remedy picture as the basis
of homeopathic medicine
If the clinical picture
and the drug picture match, the mode of action is not so much
linked to the size of the dose , but rather to the frequency with which the dose is
The combination
remedy Globuli against cough No. 1 "Similasan" is a
homeopathic medicinal specialty according to the Medicines Act and consists of a
homeopathic medicine in different potencies
. Potency chords correspond to the usual
clinical prescription according to indications. Here are
different potencies used the same drug, which
is amplified the effect.
The globules against cough No. 1 "Similasan" are a
soothing, healing preparation for dry,
Attacks of irritable cough, whereby people with
nocturnal, rapidly successive
coughing attacks and excruciating coughing, but also coughing with nausea,
respond favorably to this.

Areas of application
(When are globules used against cough No. 1
To stimulate the self-healing tendency according to the
homeopathic drug picture for:
• dry cough with pain behind the breastbone
• dry cough , tickling cough with nausea
• coughing fits (especially at night)

(when may Globules against cough No. 1
"Similasan" are not used?)
Hypersensitivity to a component of the preparation.
Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is
possible. However, let your doctor know if
you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or
planning to become pregnant .

Precautions and special instructions
for safe use
temporary increase in symptoms
can occur , especially after starting treatment with homeopathic medicinal products . Such reactions are harmless.
Measures in the event of an initial intensification of symptoms
1. Do not take the preparation again until the reaction has
2. Take approx. 7 globules once (3 globules for infants)
. Wait for the effect.
3. When the reaction is repeated, the same behavior as described
under 1. and 2..
4. If you no longer feel a reaction, follow the recommendations
under "Dosage and method of application".
If the complaints
persist or if the expected success from the application does not occur,
medical advice is required as soon as possible . Any lengthy treatment with
a homeopathic drug should be
checked by a doctor with homeopathic experience, as
undesirable drug
test symptoms can occur if the drug is not indicated .
Keep out of the reach of children.

None known.

Dosage and method of administration
(How do you use globules against cough No. 1
Unless otherwise prescribed, adhere to the following dosage:
Children and adults: approx. 7 globules as a single dose.
Infants: 3 globules as a single dose.
For acute complaints: every quarter of an hour.
Gradually less frequently with increasing improvement.
For healing / long-term treatment: 3-6 times a day.
• Let the beads melt in your mouth.
• May also be taken on an empty stomach.

Duration of treatment
The reaction time of the organism to a drug administration varies from
person to person. When the symptoms have
subsided, the medication should be stopped.
If symptoms recur, the drug can
be taken again. If there is no
improvement soon , medical advice is
required as soon as possible .
If you think the medication is too strong or too
weak, talk to your doctor.

Note on use-by date and storage Observe the use-by
date stated on the packaging
Do not use after the expiry date.
Do not store above 25 ° C.
Sun protection required, therefore
keep the drug in the outer packaging.
Do not
store near strong electromagnetic fields (televisions, computer screens,
microwave ovens).

(What is contained in globules against cough No. 1 "Similasan"
A single dose (= 7 globules) contains:
0.525 mg Drosera D3
0.175 mg Drosera D6
0.175 mg Drosera D12
xylitol, calcium carbonate

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