GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel disposable applicators 6 x 5ml


  • $79.50

GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel is a vaginal lubricating gel designed for couples trying to conceive. It creates an optimal environment for sperm, helps maintain a basic pH value suitable for natural conception, thanks to the composition similar to seminal fluid facilitates the passage of sperm to the egg and prevents an increase in viscosity of seminal fluid.
GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel should be used before contact during the ovulation phase, during which the properties of cervical mucus change. Mucus becomes more alkaline and GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel helps maintain this pH value, which is suitable for natural conception. In addition, after ejaculation, the sperm coagulates and it takes 30 minutes for a process called liquefaction. During this time, the sperm loses its viscosity and can move forward. The application of GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel and the first contact with the sperm immediately prevents an increase in viscosity and shortens the time it takes for the sperm to reach the egg.
The pack contains 6 x 5 ml disposable applicators.

Dosage and method of use

GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel is a medical device. Read the package leaflet before use. The gel should be used before contact during the ovulation phase (especially days 13, 14 and 15 of the cycle). Apply the gel 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.


The product contains sodium hyaluronate, myo-inositol, lactic acid, glucose, fructose, magnesium citrate, calcium pyruvate, sorbitol, citric acid, potassium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, zinc gluconate, carnitine, creatine, sodium chloride, and other substances.

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