Hedrin Once Spray Gel, 100ml -

Hedrin Once Spray Gel, 100ml


  • $38.50


Hedrin Once Spray - Removes lice and eggs within 15 minutes of application. 
Clinically verified. 

The product works on the principle of suffocation of lice, while another Penetrol ™ component helps the product penetrate into the lice eggs and thus kill them. The gel can be used safely as often as needed without resistance. It is clinically proven that one application is enough to kill lice and eggs. If lice appeared in one family member, it is necessary to check the whole family. In the event of lice being discovered by another member of the family, lice must be removed at all times in all cases. 

The spray is already assembled and ready for use. See the package insert for how to handle it. 
· Easy to apply 
· Pleasant to the skin
· No unpleasant odor 
· No pesticides 
· With Penetrol ™ for more effective egg removal 
· 100 ml content 
· Follow the instructions for use.

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