HELAN BIMBI Cream for irritated skin 50 ml

HELAN BIMBI Cream for irritated skin 50 ml


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HELAN BIMBI Cream for irritated skin soothes, softens and reduces redness and cracking of the skin under diapers. It is specially developed for damaged and irritated children's skin. Problematic children's skin is regenerated, soothed and protected after using the cream . With 91% natural ingredients. 


  • nourishes, soothes and regenerates irritated skin
  • leaves skin soft and protected
  • restores the feeling of comfort 


  • panthenol - known for its regenerating and calming effects 
  • zinc oxide, calendula and chamomile - take care of irritated skin
  • almond oil and beeswax - provide easy spread, protection and nutrition

All the ingredients together provide relief to the irritated baby's skin.


After cleansing the problem area, ideally with damp wipes or oil on a cotton swab, apply a rich layer of cream to the skin. Do not massage, let it work. For maximum comfort of the baby, follow a few other general recommendations: repack the baby often and let the skin "ventilate" as much as possible. Clean the baby thoroughly each time you change it, but without it.

About the brand

HELAN certified natural cosmetics are based on the use of pure natural ingredients, a long tradition and research with modern technologies that can make the best use of plant potential. For its cosmetics, it carefully selects only certified ingredients, especially from local suppliers . The aim is to create ethical products that are fair to nature, people and their work . That's why they are completely invented, made and packaged only in Italy. 

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