HELAN BIMBI Massage protective oil for children 100 ml

HELAN BIMBI Massage protective oil for children 100 ml


  • $45.50

Give your baby the best care. HELAN BIMBI Massage protective oil for children in spray is suitable for massaging the whole child's body . Thanks to the mixture of vegetable oils, it is easily absorbed and does not close the pores . At the same time, it protects the skin and is very gentle to it. For moments of loving well-being between mother and child.


  • ideal for massaging a baby's body
  • protects delicate baby skin
  • softens and softens the skin


Apply the oil on a cotton swab or gauze and gently massage into the skin of the whole body. To ensure a long-lasting effect, do not rinse after application. Ideally apply immediately after the bath. 

About the brand

HELAN certified natural cosmetics are based on the use of pure natural ingredients, a long tradition and research with modern technologies that can make the best use of plant potential. For its cosmetics, it carefully selects only certified ingredients, especially from local suppliers . The aim is to create ethical products that are fair to nature, people and their work . That's why they are completely invented, made and packaged only in Italy. FRIENDLY TO OUR PLANET - they are made in harmony with nature from biodegradable (completely biodegradable) raw materials. CERTIFIED BIO from the certification and inspection company ICEA.

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