HELAN BIMBI Solid corn soap for children 100 g

HELAN BIMBI Solid corn soap for children 100 g


  • $35.50

Soap is not like soap. The children's must be especially gentle. HELAN BIMBI Solid corn soap for children  cleanses sensitive children's skin and at the same time softens it beautifully . After use, the skin remains soft and pleasantly fragrant . Thanks to its composition, the soap is also suitable for babies. 


  • gently washes baby's skin
  • softens, fists and pampers
  • with a very pleasant smell


The soap is enriched with corn starch , which gently cleanses the skin. Also olive and almond oil , which nourish the skin. 


Moisten the soap with water and create a foam between the palms, which you apply to the child's body. You can also wash the soap with a washcloth. In both cases, you will create a soft, light and soft foam that smells pleasant, rinses easily and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

About the brand

HELAN certified natural cosmetics are based on the use of pure natural ingredients, a long tradition and research with modern technologies that can make the best use of plant potential. For its cosmetics, it carefully selects only certified ingredients, especially from local suppliers . The aim is to create ethical products that are fair to nature, people and their work . That's why they are completely invented, made and packaged only in Italy. 

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