HELAN MAMMA Regenerating nipple regenerating cream BIO 30 ml

HELAN MAMMA Regenerating nipple regenerating cream BIO 30 ml


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So that breastfeeding doesn't hurt , and mothers can enjoy the wonderful maternal bond between them and their baby to the fullest. HELAN MAMMA Regenerating nipple regenerating cream BIO  regenerates and soothes the nipples and areolas of lactating women. Provides protection and care for the skin around the nipples. It has a preventive effect against cracking of the skin , which occurs during breastfeeding and causes very unpleasant pain. It is advisable to start using the cream a few weeks before giving birth and breastfeeding. The nipples will be better prepared for the physical exertion that will await them during breastfeeding. The big advantage of the cream is its narrowed applicator. 


  • regenerates and soothes the skin
  • prevents cracking of the skin
  • nourishes and cares for the skin


  • ceramide complex - helps restore the lipid barrier, which strengthens the skin's defenses
  • Kigelia extracts - have excellent moisturizing and beneficial effects on the delicate skin of the areola and nipples
  • hop and pomegranate extracts
  • sweet almond oil and beeswax
  • D-panthenol + vitamin E


After bathing or washing the skin of the breast, apply evenly to the nipple and its surroundings. Gently massage in the cream until it is absorbed. Ideally, apply the cream after breastfeeding, when it will have a longer chance to act.

About the brand

HELAN certified natural cosmetics are based on the use of pure natural ingredients, a long tradition and research with modern technologies that can make the best use of plant potential. For its cosmetics, it carefully selects only certified ingredients, especially from local suppliers . The aim is to create ethical products that are fair to nature, people and their work . That's why they are completely invented, made and packaged only in Italy. CERTIFIED BIO from certification and inspection company ICEA
From 93% natural composition, 7% active substances in BIO quality.

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