Hema Gel 5g wounds treatment -

Hema Gel 5g wounds treatment

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Hemagel is a unique solution for healing acute and chronic wounds.

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Hemagel offers an exceptional solution to the healing of both acute wounds (such as minor injuries in the home, sports or games) and chronic wounds such as leg ulcers caused by damage to the venous or arterial system, diabetic foot, bedsores, post-operative other skin lesions. The humid environment for wound treatment is a modern and essential treatment principle. Stable moisture in the wound prevents the formation of scabs and thus helps to accelerate the healing process. 

Why use wound gel formulations? Thanks to its properties, Hemagel has shown in clinical trials that:

  • chemically binds oxygen radicals that arise in inflammatory processes
  • it creates optimal pH in the wound and thus helps healing
  • proven gel structure prevents release of gel particles into the wound followed by irritation
  • adds moisture to the wound
  • prevents wound drying and scab formation
  • it has absorbent ability and thus cleans contaminated wounds
  • reduces wound pain
  • supports scar closure
  • it already softens and improves scar appearance during treatment

Hemagel is a hydrophilic methacrylate gel based on a cross-linked copolymer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate containing polymer-bound sterically shielded amino groups. 

What to do with the gel:
First clean the wound from mechanical impurities such as dust or debris from previous medical materials. Apply a small amount of gel to the entire bottom of the wound, adhering to it and gradually absorbing the secretions and other fluids from the wound. Cover the treated wound with a sterile square preferably of nonwoven fabric, fix with bandage or patch. The fusing materials should extend the treated area by about 1 cm. Patients with proven and indicated infection should be treated with antibiotics and other medications at the discretion of the physician.

Thanks to the unique technology, the gel does not stick to the wound and can be painlessly removed by mild wiping. Apply Hemagel and dressing as needed after 24-48 hours, more often in infected wounds. 

Current practice and clinical trials have shown that wet environments greatly accelerate the healing process, promote cell division and movement in the wound. At the same time it maintains a constant temperature in the wound, which is very important for good healing. In the treatment of complicated and infected wounds, additional treatment requirements such as adequate nutrition, wound cleanliness, treatment of side-effects, and other medical advice should be followed. 

No side effects of allergy type, pain increase, etc., or any other contraindications have been reported with the use of Hemagel.

In case of side effects (increased pain, redness, etc.) discontinue treatment and contact your doctor. 
Keep away from children. Do not use internally! Do not use after the expiration date stated on the tube. 

Store in a dry place at 15-25 ° C 

Tube 5g 

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