Hemorex Kryo Hemorrhoid Applicator -

Hemorex Kryo Hemorrhoid Applicator


  • $35.50

Quick relief from all the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Detailed product information

Medical device for external and internal hemorrhoids intended for home use. Hemorex cryo is a natural and safe method based on cryotherapy (cold therapy). It brings fast relief from pain, itching, burning, swelling, inflammation and bleeding. No side effects.

Hemorex cryo is made of anatomically shaped medical plastic, inside which is sealed the cooling medium, which has the ability to keep cool for a long time. After freezing in the home, the applicator is applied directly to the affected body (similar to a suppository), and due to the cold it almost instantly calms down all the accompanying symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Main features:

  • without pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • suitable for all, including allergy sufferers, pregnant and nursing women
  • reusable
  • can be used for any length of time
  • suitable for hemorrhoid surgery   
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans                       


We recommend to apply 2-3 weeks at least twice a day for 8-10 minutes. Follow hygiene guidelines before and after Hemorex.


If your problems do not disappear after three weeks of regular use, we recommend that you visit a medical professional as this may be a guide to another condition. Description and instructions are included in the package insert.

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