Heparoid Omega cream 30 g -

Heparoid cream 30 g


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Heparoids Drugs cream relieves pain and inflammation, promotes healing of venous inflammation, accelerates the absorption of hematomas, reduces edema formation in adults and children.

Detailed product information

Heparoid Omega Cream helps dissolve small blood clots and improves blood circulation to the skin. It is a blood-clotting agent, which, after application to the skin, relieves pain and inflammation, promotes healing of inflammation of the veins, including venous ulcers. Drugs heparoids composition improves blood circulation after bruises, hematoma or soft tissue injury, accelerates the absorption of hematomas and decreases edema formation. Heparoid Cream Medicines may be used by adults, adolescents and babies from infancy.


The product is applied to affected areas 2-3 times a day, usually for 1-2 weeks. Do not apply the cream to the mucous membranes, eyes and open wounds.


The active substance is heparinoid with 2 mg (equivalent to 200 IU) per gram of cream.

The other ingredients are liquid paraffin, propylene glycol, hard paraffin, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, monoglycerides of saturated higher fatty acids, ethoxylated alcohols (C12 - C14), white wax, methyl paraben, triethanolamine, propylparaben, purified water.

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